Frequent Questions & Answers - Buyers

Interest in a particular item

Note that BalkanAuction is a platform in which every registered user can sell and buy, i.e. the system is not a trader (a seller of items). If you are interested in a particular item - every auction displays the user who has started it, too. After logging into the system, it allows you, through the links in each auction, to ask an public question or send a message to the seller and/or participate in a bidding.

Testing the system – test bidding

You can perform test bidding only in auctions started in the category Auction Test. The auctions in this category are excluded from the search modules of the system and they are accessible only when you visit that same category.

Wrong amount when placing a bid

There is a Correct/Remove bid module inserted in the system which is in assistance of users who have made a technical mistake when entering amounts. This function is quite limited and it can be used only a limited number of times by the user. Removing a bid 12 hours before the end of an auction is impossible.

Item quality responsibilities

Sellers are responsible for the items they sell and their actions in the system.
Note that the system is not an intermediary in the deals, and it does not employ any experts who can estimate and give guarantees for the authentication of each item. The public sections under the auctions give an opportunity for users’ and experts’ comments. Of course, if there are continuous signals of misconduct and incorrect description of an item – the auctions will be ended early. When there are repeated negative reports left by buyers and negative rating comments, all the untrustworthy sellers will be deactivated.

Providing delivery data details in a won auction

To finalize a sale at an auction, when you are the winner of that auction, you should send the seller your delivery details and pay for the item. Making contact is possible either through the link Send message to the seller from the page of the auction or through the available tools in the section Won Auctions

Lack of communication with the seller

The reasons for not making contact with the Seller may be varied. Please, try again to contact.
Anyhow, if there is no further contact with you (within 48 hours), you can leave a relevant rating comment. It will be a sufficient indication/signal to the administrators and the other users.