Sales Tactics

What starting price should I set?

Directions concerning choosing sales tactics refer mainly to standard auctions.

Use the lowest price that you’re satisfied with as a starting price. If your item has a greater trade potential, there will be a bidding. In cases where you don’t expect a bid, you can set Buy Now so that in this way you will satisfy the participants who don’t want to wait till the end of the auction.

One-cent Starting Price

It is a fast, easy and risky way of sale.
The final price will be formed by the highest bids and in most cases it will be close to the maximum of the trade potential. Don’t hesitate to include the option Top Auction. Such an auction is attractive – the participants become enthusiastic and even if they have estimated the item skeptically, later they correct themselves by placing a higher bid. The result of all this is that the final price is often higher than your first expectations.
You can include a suitable phrase in the title – SALE, URGENTLY, PROMOTION and so on.
One-cent auctions (without Reserve price) are displayed also in the One-cent section, accessible from the home page.

Reserve Price ?!

Including this option will nullify the risk of the previous tactic. On the other hand, potential buyers are skeptical towards such an auction. It often happens, even after showing an interest towards the item, they are not willing to participate.
Use Reserve price only if you want to cautiously “see what might happen”.

Low Start Price + Reserve Price + Buy Now Price

It is a marketing estimating tool of the trade potential. The drawbacks of the Reserve price are ignored because the participants have some idea about its value. If you select the option Top Auction, you will get faster and more precise results.
A similar tactic is suitable for high value goods – expensive items, cars, estate sales and so on.

Auction with Extension

The Extension option is only available to standard auctions without Buy Now and Reserve Price. This increases the chances of reaching a higher sale price by extending the auction if a bid is placed within the last 20 seconds. During this time bids are placed easily by pressing the button for a higher bid to take place. When a new bid is placed, countdown starts at 20 seconds again until no more bids are placed.

Using Top Auction Option

Even only one Top auction increases the chances of sale of all your auctions. After selecting this advertising option, your auction will always appear in the top places of the search results, i.e. in the Top Auctions slide.
In order to optimize your expenses, we would recommend:
- Selecting a duration of 10 days for the Top auctions;
- Using Homepage Top for no more than 5% of your auctions;
- Using Category Top for no more than 15% of your auctions.