Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

When you use the services of the auction platform, you entrust us with personal information. Our Privacy Policy aims to help you understand what data of yours we gather, why we do it and what we do with the data in question. This is important and we hope you will take time to read it carefully.

Using "cookies": They help the system provide its services. By using the website, you agree on the use of “cookies” by the system. A "cookie" is a small text file sent to the browser of a user/visitor of the website. It assists the site in storing information about your visit and settings. That could facilitate your next visit and make the website more useful to you. Some “cookies” from third parties are used as a part of our services. These “cookies” are managed by the particular sites and are not controlled by us, but some could be disabled by using your browser’s settings. For others it is necessary to visit the particular sites and follow the instructions provided.
Adsense - gathers data in order to display individually launched ads.
Google Analytics - generates the statistics about traffic and its sources (to disable -
You can choose whether you want to enable “cookies” or not. If you wish to know when your device receives a “cookie”, you can set up your browser to notify you about that. This way, you have the chance to enable or disable the particular “cookie”. Your device can be set to disable all “cookies”, but in this case the site won’t function properly.

Personal data and storage: According to the General Terms and Conditions for using the system, personal data is collected from users. The reason for this is registration №21044 of the PDB of the Republic of Bulgaria and the specifics of the activity maintained by the users in the system. Every person, who has wished to make a registration, is considered to agree to give their personal data as required (name and surname, location/town, mobile phone, email address, and for sellers - additional data according to Directive (EU) 2021/514).
The access to personal data and its storage is a top priority of the system. Every time you use our services, we aim to provide you with access to your personal data together with the chance of making changes to any of your personal information if necessary. We store it carefully and securely so we can maintain a good business and for legal reasons.
If there is a deal between users (a buyer and a seller), the site does not give personal data. Providing personal/contact information outside of our website is under the users risk. BalkanAuction holds no responsibility of loss of privacy in the case of the user handing out their contact information outside of our website.
BalkanAuction provides its users with an internal non-open service for messages which facilitates the communication between them. Messages sent or received via this service are available in the user's profile (for 60 days) and a copy of each message is sent to the receiver via email. The messages exchanged between users are confidential and only the receiver and sender are authorised to read their content. By exception, all messages exchanged between two users could be read by BalkanAuction to ensure that the current General Terms and Conditions are being met and to eliminate any ill-disposed actions towards the system and its users.
Unlike the non-public communication, the public one is available to every visitor of the website and is formed by questions and answers in the public section under every auction.
The communication via BalkanAuction's system shall correspond with the following rules:
  - Not to contain insults or slanderous statements which could harm the moral integrity or privacy of another person;
  - Not to contain personal and/or confidential information about third parties, active users of the system;
  - Not to contain ads for any other commercial websites;
  - Not to contain messages which do not comply with the system's General Terms and Conditions;
  - Not to contain any solicitations for sale, purchase or exchange of one or more items, whether listed on BalkanAuction’s system or not, in order to avoid paying fees;
  - Not to contain rude/uncensored phrases and threats.
We aim to maintain our services in a way, which protects the data from accidental or malicious destruction erasure. Because of this, after erasing it from our data base we may not immediately erase the copies left from the active servers and not remove the data from our archive systems.
We will provide law enforcement agencies, companies, organizations or outside individuals with personal data if we have enough reasons to believe that the access, usage, keeping or revealing of the data is necessary:
  - To match every applicable law, regulation, legal procedure or state requirement that has come into force;
  - For applying the particular General Terms and Conditions, including a check for possible violations;
  - For detection, prevention or other actions related to fraud, technical or security issues;
  - For taking measures as a protection against violation of the rights, property or safety of the system or those of our users or the public.
If there is a merging, acquiring or selling of the company assets, we will continue to guarantee your personal data’s privacy and we will give a notification to our users before they personal data is transferred to another online system and its General Terms or owned by it.
We can publicly share data, which does not identify you personally. For example, such data, which shows tendencies for common usage of our services.
We make a great effort to protect BalkanAuction and its users from unauthorized access or unauthorized modification, disclosure or erasure of the information we keep. More specifically:
  - We encrypt our services using SSL;
  - We review our practices of collecting, storing and processing information, including physical security measures, in order to prevent unauthorized access to the system;
  - The access to personal data is restricted to employees, subcontractors and representatives of BalkanAuction. They are bound by strict contractual obligations to respect privacy.

Our privacy policy does not apply to services offered by other businesses or individuals, including products or sites that may be displayed as ads or in user-generated content such as comments, titles, descriptions and auction images. The policy does not cover the data practices of other companies and organizations that advertise our services and who may use "cookies", pixel tags and other technologies to display and offer relevant ads.

General Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy are linked documents, therefore any change in Privacy Policy reflects on the date of the last revision in General Terms and Conditions.

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