Fast Search

Enter a keyword or the auction number in the search bar. A list will appear with all the auctions the titles of which contain the searched keyword. When entering a few keywords, the visualized list will consist of the auctions the titles of which contain all these keywords.

You can widen the range of search by using the symbol * (asterisk).
Example of using the special symbol: Enter shirt* in the search bar. As a result, all the auctions the titles of which contain the words SHIRT, SHIRTs, and so on, will appear in the list.
The symbol * can be used for more keywords.
Example: Germa* shirt*

Advanced Search

The additional specifications which can be entered in the advanced search are the following:
- Category;
- Seller;
- Price (range - from/ to);
- Search in the description (not only in the title);
- Search in the closed auctions;
- Search in the new auctions (21 days);
- Search in the auctions without Reserve Price;
- Search in the auctions with Buy Now price.

When searching in final category, except words you can also enter category features (specifications) like Condition, Size, Colour and so on.
The advanced search by the symbol * is also available here (See Fast Search).

You can sort the results of your search according to two criteria – start time and price (in increasing or decreasing order).

Saved Searches

Every search in the system can be saved and a daily notification of auction results and new auctions is also available. In this way, you will receive information about the start of new auctions of certain items or by a preferred Seller.
You can view your saved searches from the main search module, and from Settings.