Bidding, Sales


Enter the highest amount you are willing to pay and the system will bid automatically until it is reached. Your price remains hidden for the other users (except at an auction with Reserve Price not met). You can adjust your maximum amount again by placing a higher amount.
Keep in mind, each automatic bidding begins the very moment another bidder enters the bidding. Automatic bidding will always keep you at the position of being the highest bidder with the minimum admissible increment till the other bidder is outbid or enters a higher amount than yours.
Example 1: If the starting price of an auction is 1 €, you start the bidding with 10 €. In this case, you become the highest bidder with current price of 1 €. If another bidder eventually enters 4.20 €, then you will automatically maintain the highest position with 4.30 €. If later a third user enters 10 € – you will still remain ahead with 10 € because you have placed that amount first.
Example 2: You enter the bidding with 10 € at an auction with Starting Price of 1 € and Reserve Price of 15 €. You remain ahead with 10 € but the Reserve price is still not met and you decide to bid again – this time with 20 €. Then you become the highest bidder with 15 € and if other users intend to outbid you, they have to enter a higher amount than 20 €.

The bidding increment is fixed but it has different value for the different price ranges:
  from 0.01 tо 0.99 € - 0.10 €;
  from 1.00 tо 9.99 € - 0.50 €;
  from 10.00 tо 99.99 € - 1.00 €;
  from 100.00 tо 499.99 € - 5.00 €;
  from 500.00 tо 999.99 € - 10.00 €;
  from 1000.00 tо 4999.99 € - 50.00 €;
  from 5000.00 tо 9999.99 € - 100.00 €;
  from 10000.00 tо 49999.99 € - 500.00 €;
  from 50000.00 tо 249999.99 € - 1000.00 €;
  above 250000 € - 5000.00 €

In every Standard Auction with open bids, the user who has entered the highest amount is the winner. In case the difference between the amounts entered by the winner and by the second bidder in the list is larger than the bidding increment, the final auction price is formed by the second bidder’s amount plus the increment. Users are ranked in descending order of the amounts entered by them.
Example 3: A user starts a bidding with 20 € at an auction with a starting price of 1 €. Eventually, you enter an amount of 100 € and if there are no other bids till the end of the auction, you become the winner with a price of 21 €.


Delayed last-second bidding. This function is available after purchasing a monthly subscription. Through it, the users have the possibility to set an amount, which will be reflected as bidding (if possible depending on the price at the given current moment) in the last seconds. The advantages of using BidSniper are that the interest for the item stays hidden, you don't need to constantly pay attention to the auction, and decreased probability for a rival bidder to improve their bids and win.

Anonymous Subscription

Paid option (monthly subscription) - allows you to place bids anonymously. Your username is visible in the bidder's list only to you and the seller.

Reserve Price

In a Standard Auction with Reserve Price, if the bid price is lower than the reserve price, the auction ends without a deal.
The Reserve Price is hidden and it is known only by the seller. The buyer can see it only if the current price has met the Reserve price.

Buy Now

If the buyer uses this option, the auction ends immediately.
In a Standard Auction, if a user starts a bidding at a starting price, then Buy Now is hidden and the auction proceeds with a standard bidding. In case the auction also has a Reserve Price, then Buy Now is hidden when the bid meets the Reserve price.


Make contact with each other after the end of the auction.
Use the communication module of the system by clicking on the available links/buttons on the same auction page or in the section “Auctions”
Fulfill all the needed steps of delivery and paying for the item.

Feedback Rating

Leave positive feedback about the other user after the successful end of the auction.
Don’t leave negative feedback in advance – give the other user a chance to fix the problem which is usually caused by carelessness, and not having any bad intentions.
All the feedback ratings are public and once made, they cannot be revised by the users.

Incorrect Users

BalkanAuction carefully pursues malicious users. Although the site doesn’t bear any responsibility for the deals between sellers and buyers, it is obliged when there is a tendency for negative feedback, tracked by reports and negative rating comments, to take measures against the incorrect users by sanctioning/deactivating. You can use the application Contact Us / Incorrect users to report.

When the deal is not concluded at a bidding auction, the seller has the chance to make an offer toward the second-highest bidder in the bidding.

Accepting the offer from the potential buyer will generate a new auction in the system which will confirm the deal. In this case, there will be an opportunity of generating a shipping form (waybill) with discount (for Bulgarian deals only) and for rating comments exchange on the new sale.