Starting an Auction

Starting an Auction

Choose the most appropriate and correct title for your item within 60 characters. The words used in the title should best describe your items and are used for all search options. For this reason, making your auction easy to find, entirely depends on what is written in the title.


Don’t forget – the buyer cannot touch and see your item in real. The required information about it must be included in the description. The site allows for entering HTML code.

Category Choice

Choose the most appropriate category for your item. If you are unsure, you can always review categories beforehand in which auctions of similar items are active.
Incorrect choice of category leads to decreasing the number of visits to your auction and it will lessen the chances for a deal.

Item Specifics

If there are item specifics, then fill them in as accurately as possible. They make it easy for potential buyers to find your item.
Item specifics (Size, Condition, Colour, …) are different in each category and not filling them will definitely reduce the traffic towards your auction.


You can upload up to 13 images (1 main + 12 additional).
Maximum size of each image - 10 MB;
Acceptable formats – jpg, gif, png
The first image will be used as a thumbnail for the auction.
An option to insert a watermark with the user’s name on every uploaded image is available.

Buy Now + Reserve Price

Buy Now gives the potential buyers the opportunity to purchase your item right away.
At a Standard Auction, if a buyer starts bidding at the starting price, the Buy Now price is hidden and the auction continues with bidding. If the auction also has a Reserve Price, the Buy Now option is shown until the Reserve Price is met.

On Fixed Price Item, the Starting Price option and the Reserve Price option are not accessible.

Scheduled Start Time

You can select the date you want your auction to start in the future (up to 30 days).

Advertising Options

If you want to increase the number of the visits at an auction and the opportunity for a deal, you can take advantage of the paid advertising options:
  • Homepage Top
  • Category Top
  • Highlighted
  • Bold

By selecting at least one of the first two options, your auction will be listed twice in the search results. The visualization will be a fact in both the normal/standard list of results and the section/slide Top Auctions (* the slide is limited – only the first 80 auctions are shown according to the feature currently chosen by the user. The list of all top results is available through the link View All).

Note that even one Top Auction increases the chances for selling of all your auctions.

You have the opportunity to add advertising options up to 6 hours before the end of an auction even if there are bids.
The prices of the advertising options are 50% off when there are less than 3 days.
Adding advertising options is possible either through a link on the page of the auction or by Active auctions

Restrictive Options

Restrictive option I: This option removes the section Public Questions i. e. by selecting it you can restrict public questions and comments on your auction.
Restrictive option II: This option bans the participation in the auction and any contact with the seller (public and not public) of users with low rating (under 6).

Those two options are available only for sellers with rating of 10 and up, i. e. for reliable and trustworthy users.