New functionalities

The system now gives the opportunity to episodically put a discount on Fixed Price Items which have been available in the system for more than 30 days and whose parameters/specifications have not been changed (unedited auctions). The sellers can put a discount on those items for a particular time period. When this time period ends, the Buy Now price will automatically be restored as it was before the discount.
A link for applying a discount can be seen in the page of an ended without deal auction which meets the requirements above. Such group action can be done in the Ended without Deal section.

As suggested by users, we also give the sellers the opportunity to extend the duration of each auction with bids by 24 hours. This action can be done up to 5 minutes before the ending of a particular auction for which a fee of 1.10 euro will be added. The extended duration will let the auctions, especially the “hot” ones, reach better selling prices.

Our actions towards improving the platform and adding new functions continue!